Graham Stockdale MA, Melbourne Australia

Such is the current state of domestic violence research and debate that it is possible to state that domestic violence is a complex, contentious and highly political issue, and still be accused of an understatement. It might also be said that there is more confusion between myths and realities in this area than just about any other social research. It is difficult to imagine an issue that has more profound implications for so many aspects of human life that we value highly: personal identity, interpersonal relationships, sexuality, family, sense of community, economic well-being, and the care and nurturing of children. Until relatively recently, the focus of domestic violence research has been on female victims and male perpetrators of violence. These foci are understandable when viewed in the context of the history of domestic violence research, but are coming under increasing scrutiny and criticism by ‘victims’ who do not fall into these categories.

The Domestic Violence Industry in Massachusetts

John Maguire, Massachusetts News

John Maguire has written three important articles on the DV industry in Massachusetts News. The content closely parallels the situation in Australia.