The Domestic Violence Industry in Massachusetts

John Maguire, Massachusetts News

John Maguire has written three important articles on the DV industry in Massachusetts News. The content closely parallels the situation in Australia.

“What is the Truth About Family Violence?”

Revs. Sam and Bunny Sewell Family Resources and Research

We are sending this report to the media, and those persons and organizations who deal with family violence, in the hope that we can correct a serious misunderstanding about this very important issue.

We want to make it clear that we have been working to end family violence for over a decade. One of us is an original incorporator of our local women’s shelter. We were members of the “Century Club”, those who contribute over $100 annually. We have sponsored benefit events for our shelter that attracted national media attention. Since we began publishing scientific studies on family violence the women�s shelter has returned our contributions. Much of the women�s shelter movement is seriously misinformed about the causes and scope of family violence. We were also seriously misinformed. We have learned a lot during the last 10 years.