Domestic Violence in Australia: ARE WOMEN AND MEN EQUALLY VIOLENT?

Bruce Headey, Dorothy Scott, David de Vaus, University of Melbourne, University of Melbourne, La Trobe University

Conventional wisdom holds (i) that physical domestic violence is mainly perpetrated by men against women; (ii) that violent men, being physically stronger, inflict more pain and serious injuries than violent women; and (iii) that physical violence runs in families. To examine all three beliefs, we bring to bear nationwide sample survey data. In investigating domestic […]

Gender Differences in Patterns of Relationship Violence in Alberta

Donald Dutton, Marilyn Kwong & Kim Batholomew - CANADIAN JOURNAL OF BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE, 1999, 31:3, 150-160

Men and women, respectively, reported similar one-year prevalence rates of husband-to-wife violence (12.9% and 9.6%) and wife-to-husband violence (12.3% and 12.5%). However, differential gender patterns of reporting were identified. On average, men reported that they and their female partners were equally likely to engage in violent acts and to initiate violent conflicts.