MRA Comments on ‘Violent Women’ article – Sunday Mail

MRA Comments on the “Violent Women” article, Sunday Mail (Brisbane)28 March 1999 It isinteresting to note the “minimisation techniques used by Ian MacDonald of Relationships Australia (Queensland), Meeta Iyer of the DVRC and “Peter” from the Men’s DV Telephone line. MacDonald, I would venture to suggest, exhibits, by the use of certainwords, a typical attitude, […]

Violent Women

Lynnette Haas - Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia) Sunday Magazine Pages 6 & 7

Domestic violence is usually seen as inflicted on women by men. But a fictional book and some research say the abused victim is quite often the man. Lynnette Haas reports. These days, more so than before, author and journalist Matthew Condon finds people want to take him aside to tell him their stories. At parties, […]