VIOLENT FEMMES – Women aren’t the only victims of domestic violence

Peter Olszewski - MEN'S HEALTH(Australia) March 1999, Vol 2 No 5, pp114-119

Even now, long after the relationship ended, I still have trouble uttering that simple, painful acknowledgment: “I was a battered man.” Saying it makes me cringe makes me feel like a coward or a wimp. At first I would switch off whenever I saw a newspaper article or TV report about domestic violence because I […]

Females in a fury

Paulyne Pogorelske - The Age, Melbourne

A rise in female crime figures is challenging preconceptions of the “gentler” sex.

Anne, a 29-year-old mother of four young children, recently spent nine months in jail or the armed robbery of a Footscray clothes shop.

Equipped with a stolen bolt-action rifle in January 1996, she held up two women, threatening to shoot them unless they opened the till. When they refused, Anne grabbed a handbag from one of the women and ran out of the shop. No shots were fired.

She received a 23-month sentence, but was paroled after nine months and released in July 1997.