Men suffer equally on violence in the home UK – 1999


 Latest research finds DV figures vastly exaggerated and both men and women likely to be victims in equal numbers. Note the comment about women being injured more often. This is not supported to any great extent by research in Australia. For example using statistics for crime related injuries in the home a University of WA […]

Women can be as violent as men – Erin Pizzy

Erin Pizzy

Erin Pizzey dared to say publicly that women can be as violent as men.

JUST recently a ‘battered’ woman (for that is how she saw herself) came to me for help. Her lover, who lived apart from her and her children, had beaten her up badly and she was forced to go to hospital.
He then took her back to her own house and stayed with her in order to look after her while her wounds healed.
‘You are not a battered woman,’ I said with a sigh. I define a battered woman as a woman who is a genuine victim of her partner’s violence. ‘You are a violence-prone woman, a victim of your own need for violence.’