‘They are calculating’: What makes women kill their partners

A SHOCKING study has uncovered a group of Aussie killers that has been hidden under the radar — and what the warning signs they’re about to snap could be. Andrew Koubaridis@akoubaridis news.com.auJanuary 31, 20187:12am WOMEN are at their most deadly when they are under financial strain — and even females who have no criminal history […]

Dividing the Sexes: Critique of the Coroner’s Report on Domestic Violence Homicide

Les Diaboliques (Henri Georges Clouzot 1955) The new Coroner’s Report on domestic violence homicide (Australian Domestic and Family Violence Death Review 2018) ‘proves’ that domestic violence is a gendered crime. The majority of reported homicides involved a male killing their female intimate partner (79.6%). The press is ablaze with this new indictment of masculinity: “Men […]