Spurious reasons for appalling injustice

Melanie Phillips - The Spectator,

This issue is not confined to Australia. In England, a new book, The Sex-Change Society by Melanie Phillips, published by the Social Market Foundation, claims that fathers are being routinely denied contact with their children on grounds produced by welfare officers that are so spurious as to be virtually incomprehensible. Here are some example: There was […]

Street protester beats judges at own game

Bernard Lane, The Australian

The Family Court brought contempt charges against a father hostile to its decisions but, writes Bernard Lane, could not sustain them. [Picture of Alastair Nicholson. Caption: “Judged: Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson”] [Picture of Terry O’Gorman. Caption: “Jury, please: Terry O’Gorman] Half an hour after the collapse of the highly unusual contempt of court case against […]