Fly-in fly-out roster the ‘worst invention’ for families says Men’s Rights Agency

Daniel Hamilton, ABC   An advocate for men’s rights has slammed the concept of fly-in fly-out working shifts claiming it can destroy the family unit.  Last week the Queensland state government said it would allow 20 per cent of the Bowen Basin mining work force to fly in and fly out at the beginning and end of […]

The myth of the tyrannical dad – BBC Magazine

BBC Magazine

 Fathers of yesteryear tend to be portrayed as cold, detached, even callous creatures. But, says Steve Humphries, the cuddly, hands-on, sentimental dads we know today are by no means a modern-day creation.  Lily Barron (nee Jones), left, and family when her father was home on leave  Fathers of yesteryear tend to be portrayed as […]