Norgrove and McIntosh’s junk science

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“… Jennifer McIntosh’s smiling face cannot conceal that her ideological dogma will perpetuate the orphaning of children. It cannot disguise the awful misery she is inflicting on generations yet to come – hopeful futures she has dashed. What and why is so important that she has to fly half way round the world to stop it happening ?

She is the eminence gris of the [British] Norgrove Report, cited to excuse its betrayal of father’s rights and the rights of children to see their fathers.

McIntosh, and her Australian cronies, are sabotaging British efforts to bring equality to post-divorce settlements. Often this reactionary sabotage takes the form of ‘scare tactics’, alleging inter-partner domestic violence will increase, but on other occasions it is more subtle.

Child safety first in overhaul of family law

Herald Sun

THE Gillard Government has  unveiled radical changes to family law that redefine domestic violence, place  greater weight on child safety and could weaken the Howard government’s shared  parenting laws. The changes, which are directed at cases involving abusive parents, elevate the  safety of children to the top priority in custody disputes. Whenever a court considers […]