Red roses – for a domestic violence order

I have worked with men/fathers for the last 22 years – helping them to stay in their children’s lives and survive after separation. I thought that I had heard it all, that is in domestic violence complaints until I received a phone call from an 80 year old gentleman who told me he had been […]

Senate Committee divided over shared parenting rollback

Sue Price - Men's Rights Agency

 The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee yesterday approved changes to family law legislation that will remove even more fathers from their children’s lives. The Committee divided down party lines. Coalition members submitted a minority report rejecting the changes, but the Labour controlled committee agreed with the much broader definition of domestic violence, the removal […]

Reviews of Family Law will cost Labor votes

Sue Price, Men's Rights Agency

A recent national survey of the voting intentions of nearly 500 people has  revealed the reviews undertaken by the federal Government of Family Law and the  impact these reviews are likely to have on shared parenting will cost Labor  votes. The survey asked: Will the roll-back of shared parenting affect your vote? Nearly two-thirds (64%) […]


Men's Rights Agency

Australian parents concerned by the threatened Government roll back to shared parenting improvements will not vote for Labor this time around, a survey has found.
Despite 66 percent voting for Labor in 2007, now 92 percent definitely will not or are highly unlikely to vote for Labor in 2010.

Men’s Rights Agency – Aussie Dads relegated to second place

   According to leaks to the media, Australian children less than 2 years old, whose parents are separated, will be prevented from spending much time with their father. Information from the Australian Institute of Family Studies’ ‘Shared Parenting Study’ – and the report into domestic violence and family law compiled by ex-Family Court judge Richard […]

Men’s Rights: ‘No Fault’ Divorce Should be Reviewed

Sue Price, Men's Rights Agency

IMPORTANT POLICY REVIEW SLAMS THE DOOR The Australian Institute of Family Studies is currently undertaking research into the effects of important changes to  family law which, in 2006, introduced shared parental responsibility and focused  on a child’s right to be raised by both parents. The Attorney General says he will be guided by the report […]

Men’s Rights Agency – Media Awards 2006

Men’s Rights Agency recently announced the second annual Media Awards.
“The Awards are intended to highlight the need for both sides of gender issues to be explored fairly, without men being subjected to unreasonable ridicule and criticism”, said Mrs Sue Price, a director of Men’s Rights Agency.

Men’s Rights Agency – talks to a Parliamentary Forum about the harsh realities of family separation – arranged by Federal MP Ken Ticehurst

Sue Price, Men's Rights Agency

I’m frequently asked, What’s a women doing in a Men’s Rights organisation. It’s easy to answer when one has an understanding and appreciation that men are an essential part of our lives, and vice versa. We complement each other in so many ways. There should not be a gender war, but unfortunately the need for […]