Enraged ex stalks single dad, sprays him with bleach, stabs him in the back & slits his throat in front of neighbors: Police

                Thursday, July 29, 2021   Crime Stories Podcast     by Leigh Egan June 22, 2021   An Australian woman is behind bars after police say she brutally stabbed her ex-husband to death after spraying him with bleach. Police arrested Bonita Vivien Coue, 53, last Wednesday after she […]

UK: Researchers ‘Astonished’ Male Domestic Violence Victims Ignored

Robert Franklin……… from his Blog  The Word of Damocles   a day ago   4 min read In 1971, Erin Pizzey opened the first domestic violence shelter in the U.K. She quickly learned that, of the first 100 women there, 60 of them were, in her words, “as violent or more violent than the men […]