Justice for Daniel

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Hello, my name is Miranda, and I am the proud mother of Daniel Harrison.
Daniel turned 27 on the 24th of June, 2022. Daniel was a kind, considerate, hard-working and funny young man with goals and aspirations he was working towards. He was a loving son, brother, grandson and friend.
On the 2nd of July 2022, I received the worst phone call a mother could receive. I was told by the police that my son “had been killed” and “he was deceased”.
I could not comprehend what I was hearing. I did not understand. I had only just spoken to Daniel two days before and we were supposed to meet up for brunch that day.
My son had been murdered and my fight for my boy began when I hung up that phone.
She claimed it was suicide. I know it wasn’t. His friends and his family know it wasn’t. The facts say it wasn’t. But the police say it was and, “It was just an argument” and have closed their case.
I have done my own investigation into the death of my child and I’m willing to share it with anyone that needs to see it.
I’m going to give my all to have this investigation reopened, the true facts looked at and those involved held accountable. None of this happened the way it has been portrayed.
🚩Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. However, while most often portrayed as a problem impacting women, domestic violence against men is a real problem often overlooked or dismissed.
These men need a voice, a voice that will be listened to and heard. I’m going to be Daniel’s voice.
🚩Men who are victims of domestic violence experience physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as controlling behaviours by their partners.
In 2019, a review was initiated by the Queensland Government to examine the effectiveness of the state’s response to domestic and family violence.
🚩The review focused on the role of the police in responding to domestic violence incidents, including their training and support, the policies and procedures they follow, and the outcomes of their interventions.
🚩The review was conducted by the Queensland Family and Child Commission and the Queensland Police Service, with input from domestic violence experts and advocacy groups. The final report was released in November 2020 and made 140 recommendations.
Nothing will bring my son back, but I am raising awareness via this platform because it is essential for society to recognise that domestic violence can happen to anyone, regardless of gender!!
I am doing this in memory of my son Daniel and all men who fall victim to these insidious behaviours and to stop the weaponisation of the current laws by female perpetrators!!
I need your support and any advice will be greatly appreciated, I thank you for taking the time to read this. I would also appreciate it if you could share?
For you Daniel – I love you and I miss you