Red roses – for a domestic violence order

I have worked with men/fathers for the last 22 years – helping them to stay in their children’s lives and survive after separation.
I thought that I had heard it all, that is in domestic violence complaints until I received a phone call from an 80 year old gentleman who told me he had been handed a domestic violence order by a Southport Magistrate that now prevented him from attended his favorite RSL, one with easy access, carpark lifts etc; an order to prevent access with his first wife from whom he separated 30 years ago. She is 79 years old and applied for a DV order against her ex husband because he sent her a dozen red roses, “just for old time’s sake”.
The magistrate asked him if he would send flowers again, he answered, Yes probably. She declared she had no choice but to issue the Domestic Violence Order.
He is understandably upset and offered several references as to his good character, never having been in this kind of trouble before. He would like to appeal the decision but cannot afford to do so. He said he has cancer and the prognosis is not good.
I cannot imagine a more wasteful use of the domestic violence laws and it is unforgivable to issue one in these circumstances to an 80 year old gentleman who is understandably shattered by his treatment.
Sue Price, Men’s Rights Agency.