MRA’s Opening address to the Family Law Inquiry, Brisbane 12Mar2020

This is a copy of my opening remarks to the Family Law Inquiry, Brisbane session, held yesterday on the 12Mar2020.
Committee Members, Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Sue Price, and 26 years ago, with my husband we started Men’s Rights Agency.  It is a national non-profit organisation providing assistance and a pathway to services for men/fathers and their children facing family separation, including children’s care, property settlements, child support,  domestic violence, false allegations and discrimination.
Firstly, let me register our appreciation that this Inquiry into Family Law is actually taking place, not an easy achievement in the face of significant opposition from self-interested groups.
Secondly, thank you for giving Men’s Rights Agency an opportunity to attend this forum as a witness. I would like to introduce Mr Tony Smith, a retired barrister and now a published author, who has contributed to the Men’s Rights Agency submission. He will discuss and answer questions on the family court and in particular interim hearings and Mr David Hardidge, an accountant who has delved into the complex accounting procedures of the Family and Federal Courts. He will explain exactly what the courts are costing the taxpayer and the users of the system. And answer any questions you may have.
It is a sad indictment, that in my opinion, the family law system has deteriorated even further in the last few years. Mainly because of the growing influence of domestic violence issues, the increasing number of  false allegations, perjury and lack of punishment, the incompetency of some family experts, the refusal to  enforce orders, the secrecy of the court, the time delays in bringing cases to trial and the dogged effort of women’s groups to destroy the sensible shared parenting gains of 2006.
Society in general has been subjected to a hate campaign, lead by determined groups of women focussing on removing fathers from their children, destroying the concept of a child having two parents. The media has joined the hue and cry against men in general. Any man who behaves badly provides reason to accuse every man of bad behaviour. Media coverage if a man kills his family is excessive, but we hear little of the crimes committed by women despite them killing more children than biological fathers.
This war on men must stop. It is unjust.  It is destroying our families and the relationship between men and women.
Our legislators, the police, the courts will fail to improve the system unless they acknowledge and act on the fact that men/fathers are also victims of violence and abuse and women are perfectly capable perpetrating acts of violence.
The system we have now is driving men out of the country, they are disappointed and angry that they feel they have to leave their home and the children they are unable to see.
Society is creating an atmosphere for men, particularly separated men where they are unwelcome.
Sue Price
Men’s Rights Agency
Mob: 0409 269 621