Happy marriage a cure for all ills, Lib MP says

MARRIAGE can help prevent cancer.

It is the best chance of fulfilment in life and divorcing parents should be encouraged to reconcile, says a book by the MP who could become Australia’s next families minister.

Senior Liberal MP Kevin Andrews has rated the breakdown of marriage and the family a greater threat to the western world than climate change, the financial crisis and radical Islam.

The Opposition families spokesman is today launching the book, Maybe I do – Modern Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness, which says more needs to¬† be done to protect and support marriage and the family, because “stable families are also the bedrock of successful societies”.

The book is based on thousands of studies that detail the importance of marriage for adults, children and society and proposes policy responses.

Mr Andrews argues it is the Government’s business to promote marriage, which is the “best source of physical and mental health, emotional stability.”