Another Successful UK Paternity Claim Outcome for a duped dad.

In September 2015 in the County Court at Lincoln , Mr C. filed a claim against Ms D. for paternity deceit.
Their relationship commenced in 1995 and a child was born in 2005. The relationship ended in May 2010.
Previous successful UK case law pertaining to deceit was cited during the claim.
In July 2017, Ms D. admitted deceit over the child’s paternity and agreed to pay Mr C. compensation.
By consent it was ordered Ms D. pay Mr C.  22,500 pounds by way of instalments every month.
Ms D. shall also pay Mr C.’s reasonable costs of the proceedings in which Mr C. made out his claim in the tort of deceit.
Before the deceit claim, Mr C.’s psychological injury and harm suffered at the hands of Ms D. and her family include their
wholly unfounded and malicious allegations against Mr C. for child porn, domestic violence, threats to kill and trespass but the Police dismissed  their allegations with no action taken against Mr C.
Ms D. also refused to release Mr C.’s personal belongings stored at their former home including his work equipment which as a result Mr C. was forced into bankruptcy and had to resort to two further court actions which he succeeded against Ms D. over four years to recover what he owned and what he was entitled to receive in the first instance in 2010
The compensation agreed in settlement includes the highest level of general damages under English case law and legal authorities equivalent to the bereavement of a child
Unfortunately I cannot identify the parties:
Cheryl King
Anti Paternity Fraud Advocate
Melbourne Australia