Interview with Janice Fiamengo

Message from Bettina Arndt


Well, I finally managed to interview Janice Fiamengo this week after various attempts in the past which floundered over internet problems. I’m sure she will need no introduction for many of you who are familiar with her YouTube channel, The Fiamengo Files.


But for those of you who haven’t come across this fabulous woman, I’ll just tell you a few of the reasons I was so keen on talking to her.


Janice is a professor of English at the University of Ottawa and for years now she has been speaking out about the appallingly anti-male culture developing on university campuses. This really hit home to her when she found herself on academic committees making decisions about jobs and promotions and noticed very able men were constantly being overlooked, with  positions being offered to far less impressive women who had nothing like the same experience or qualifications. You will hear in our interview about the hostile reactions she encountered when she started to speak out about this.


This simply made her more determined to voice her concern about what was happening and she’s spent the last few years making YouTube videos exposing what is going on in Canadian Universities.  Like the dreadful cases of eminent academics being targeted by #MeToo accusations and other males being hung out to dry in all sorts of ways. Then there’s the promotion of the campus rape scare campaign. Like me, Janice has been subjected to protests from feminist activists and has had some of her talks shut down. It’s pretty funny seeing the feminists chanting the same slogans at us both, two women on opposite sides of the world, taking on the same crazy nonsense.


Janice also hears constantly from men in trouble and some years ago decided to put together a book of personal stories from men about how they cope in this feminised world. Sons of Feminism is an amazing collection, including tales from young men about school years where they were constantly in strife for normal boyish behaviour, nerdy men who have never dared risk going near women, frightening stories from professionals in all sorts of work environments where men are being demonised and tales of men given unfair treatment in the courts. It really gives an overview of where we are now and why we must all get active to try to find ways to change the culture. Here’s links for ordering the book: paperback – and on kindle:


So here’s the complete video. It’s pretty long – we have so much in common it was very hard to stop talking! :


But we have also done a shorter version of highlights, for those who’d like a taste of what we discussed :

It would be great if you could help promote both of these. 


Meet us in Chicago next August at ICMI 19 


I’ll be excited to meet Janice at the International Conference on Men’s Issues in Chicago next August and hope some of you might be able to join us. Many of the leading lights from the men’s rights movement will be speaking, including Karen Straughan, Diana Davison, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), Paul Elam and Mike Buchanan. To buy a ticket use this link:  (Use promo code: bettina sent me )



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Peter Ridd Wins Biggest Victory On Free Speech In A Generation

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The Institute of Public Affairs has today welcomed the historic judgement in the case of Peter Ridd vs James Cook University (JCU) with Judge Vasta finding that Peter Ridd was wrongly dismissed by JCU.

“This judgement should rightly send shockwaves through Australian universities regarding their commitment to academic freedom and how they deal with academics who hold a contrary view to established group think,” said Gideon Rozner, Director of Policy at the free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs.

Dr Peter Ridd, a professor of physics at JCU, was sacked by the university for misconduct for questioning in the IPA’s publication Climate Change: The Facts 2017 the climate change science around the Great Barrier Reef and for public statements made on the Jones & Co Sky News program.

“Many academics are censured, but few are prepared to speak out and risk their career, faced with the prospect of legal battles and possible bankruptcy,” said Mr Rozner.

“Peter Ridd was only able to challenge James Cook University’s decision because of the IPA’s work to ensure he had the financial, legal and moral support of thousands of Australians to pursue his fight for freedom of speech on climate change.”

“Today’s decision is a huge win for academic freedom and for freedom of speech in Australia. This is something the IPA has been fighting for, for years, and we will continue to do so.”

“The case has identified a culture of censorship when it comes to challenging claims surrounding climate change and the Great Barrier Reef. Not once did JCU attempt to disprove claims made by Dr Ridd about the Great Barrier Reef.”

“Fearmongering about the health of the Great Barrier Reef must now desist.”

“JCU has shredded the idea that Australian universities have any sort of commitment to scientific integrity and free academic inquiry. JCU’s actions prove the depth of the free speech crisis confronting Australia’s universities.”

“Australian Universities must now commit to signing up to the model code as recommended by the Hon. Robert French AC in his review of freedom of speech at Australian Universities,” said Mr Rozner.

For media and comment: Gideon Rozner, Director of Policy, on
0419 193 114, or at

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article from the Institute of Public Affairs, please consider supporting us by becoming a member or making a donation. It is with your support that we are securing freedom for the future.

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