Domestic violence and White Ribbon day – help change the debate

by Bettina on November 21, 2015 in News Nice to know there are plenty of people who have not been hoodwinked by the biased campaign presenting women as the only victims of domestic violence. Since my recent article, Silent Victims, was published in theWeekend Australian I have been flooded with emails from people who know this is far from the truth. I […]

Domestic violence victims are men too, says Bettina Arndt | Tom Elliott on 3AW

Radio interview with Tom Elliot on 3AW Read this article from the Australian, 14 November 2015 Bettina Arndt – Men are victims of DV too!

Silent victims: both mothers and fathers can be violent

Bettina Arndt - The Australian

  Our culture assumes domestic violence is invariably committed by men, but data reveals a high number of women are abusers. Source: Supplied There was a funny discussion recently on the new ABC television show How Not to Behave. One of the hosts, Gretel Killeen, started complaining about “manspreading” — men sitting with their legs […]

Domestic violence beat up

Angela Shanahan - The Spectator

The feminist-approved, media-driven ‘gender’ agenda is ignoring where the real problems lie Remember that slogan the feminists invented, the personal is political? No it isn’t. It is mostly just personal. Take domestic violence, a cause dear to the feminist heart. Australia has now embarked on a campaign to eradicate domestic violence, using 100 million dollars […]

Child Support Agency sues father who lavished cash on daughters

Noel Towell, The Canberra Times

The man has been sued because he gave the money straight to his daughters, rather than putting it through the government system.. Photo: Louie Douvis More public service news $600,000 child support litigation nightmare over The Child Support Agency launched a court case against a man who had just lavished more than $17,000 on his […]

Talking Point: Root causes of domestic violence are ignored by grand plan

Greg Barns, Hobart Mercury   Premier Will Hodgman, Our Watch chairwoman Natasha Stott Despoja and Australian of the Year Rosie Batty after the release of the Government’s domestic violence plan. Picture: RICHARD JUPE POLITICIANS are a shallow lot these days. Good policy, policy based on evidence and on ensuring dealing with existential issues, is jettisoned for headline grabbing […]

More mothers kill their children

The main killers of children in Australia, according to the latest statistics from the Australian Institute of Criminology (2010-2012), are:   Mothers (47%, n=20) Fathers (30%, n=13) Mothers’ new male partners (19%, n=8)   The phrase “women and children” excludes the fact that many killers of children are women. By consciously ignoring this fact, Keneally, […]

Why men feel aggrieved in family court interventions

Michael Challinger, Melbourne Age 11 August 2015 Comments 45 Michael Challinger A legal process to restrain family violence needs to work faster and more fairly. Photo: Intervention orders do more than just restrain violence. Often they separate a man from his children, evict him from his home and deprive him of his property. Photo: Craig Sillitoe My client Tom* was […]

Akon Guode charged with murdering three of her children in lake tragedy

Tom Minear, Herald Sun

Woman charged over Vic lake deaths     A MOTHER has been charged with murdering three of her children after the Wyndham Vale lake tragedy. Akon Guode, 36, faced an out of sessions hearing last night after she was taken into custody at Melbourne West police station just after midday. She was charged with murdering […]

The hidden politics of family violence

Martin McKenzie-Murray, The Saturday Paper Two days before Christmas, the freshly anointed premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, announced the establishment of a royal commission on family violence. “The whole system is broken,” he said. “It doesn’t protect the vulnerable, it doesn’t punish the guilty and more of the same policies will only mean more of the same tragedies.” Andrews […]