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Why Men’s Rights Agency Exists...

Why Men’s Rights Agency Exists

In today’s world, no matter where one lives, men and boys face increasing hostility just because they are male. Fairness and equal treatment for both genders, the original aim of the women’s movement has been lost as society is encouraged to view men as perpetrators of evil and women as only victims. Feminist jurisprudence, the perversion of legislation to provide advantages to one gender over the other, contrary to human rights considerations is creating a two tier society, with men and boys relegated to second class citizen status.
Take a look around, more girls are completing tertiary education; full time employment opportunities for men are reducing; few men choose teaching as a profession fearing accusations of abuse from students or sexual harassment claims in the staff room; few men are encouraged into social service jobs; more government funding is given to women’s health and women’s advocacy groups; men will receive longer sentences than woman committing the same crime; more men are homeless, yet there is more crisis accommodation available for women; government policy is to protect only female victims and children from family violence, whilst ignoring the one in three victims who are male; the government proposes to roll back shared parenting provisions as if fathers are unimportant in their children’s lives yet we know children raised in single parent matriarchal households are more at risk of harm; boys are targeted for violence prevention programs – and girls despite their growing aggression are ignored.
If the gender discrimination is allowed to continue both men and women, boys and girls will suffer the consequences as men find themselves unsure of their place in life. Should they continue to unquestionably place women on a pedestal or should they look honestly at the facts and recognise BOTH genders are quite capable of causing deliberate harm to others?
Men’s Rights Agency is working to restore the balance between men and women believing we complement each other. Equal respect where due, together with a realistic understanding of each other’s faults and strengths will foster good relationships and a better atmosphere in which to raise our children. Recognition of individual and community rights and responsibilities without favouring one gender over the other will ensure a fairer, stronger society.

For 27 years, the primary focus of Men’s Rights Agency has been to support the essential role fathers have in their children’s lives. As a result we find ourselves providing avenues for advice in family law, child contact after separation, child support, property settlements, paternity disputes, domestic violence, false allegations and criminal proceedings, but we are becoming increasingly concerned by the growing evidence of gender discrimination in the community as practiced by the police, judiciary and public service departments at all levels of government.

Fathers and families:

A million children currently live in single parent families or with only one of their natural parents. Many of those will never know their father, never experience the love and care he can give and in some cases not even recognize him?
Separation and divorce does affect children dramatically, as many studies have shown – causing low self esteem, lower school grades, trouble with police, drug usage, early pregnancies and problems with their own relationships later in life. Yet the social policy creators fail or refuse to publicly connect the dots…when good parenting and good fathers are missing children more readily go off the rails, resulting in increasing numbers of youth (both girls and boys) who are heading out of control and see violence as an acceptable way of life.
MRA has created a National network of dedicated professionals – solicitors and barristers specialising in family law, criminal offences, and human rights, counsellors, psychologists, accountants, financial advisers and other consultants, who have a special understanding of the issues from a man’s/father’s point of view.
Using MRA’s services provides access to these specialists with free appointments and sometimes reduced ongoing fees. Assistance is directly available from MRA covering all the above issues and including Child Support Agency problems, emergency housing, employment, friendship and suicide prevention.

A growing online community through a private email list provides support and companionship. It is amazing how many fathers tell us “nobody is listening to me”, telling me to “just wait to see what the mother does” and “don’t upset her”. First, we and our network of professionals agree to listen, and then help you plan a strategy that does not involve taking a sit back, wait and see approach. It is crucial to establish clear boundaries and expectations that you will continue to be a fully involved in your children’s lives. It is your responsibility towards your children and your right to be able to be a parent to them, though not a great deal of recognition is given to father’s rights – we’re working on that one.

MRA strategies provide a better chance for a more equitable outcome, especially for your children, who should be able to spend time with both parents. Children need both a mum and a dad. Do not let yourself be shut out of your children’s lives. They do depend on you!

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