We have Two Levels of Registration – Level 1 and Level 2 – Tel: (07) 3805 5611 or 0409 269 621

Level 1:

Level 1 Registration is for people seeking information and assistance with family separation, family law, mediation, children’s needs, child support, property settlements, domestic violence, false allegations, paternity testing, discrimination, civil or criminal matters or other problems. The Men’s Rights Agency network of solicitors, counsellors, accountants who have a good understanding of matters from a man’s/father’s point of view is available to you.

The Level 1 Contribution for this service is $150.00 for the 1st year. The annual renewal contribution is only $40.00. The Level 1 Contribution may be made by cheque, cash, money order or credit card.

Please talk to us if money is a real problem. A suitable payment plan can be arranged.

Level 1 -Register Online Right Now – Pay by Credit Card
Just complete our online  Confidential Information Form which provides us with essential details about your situation.

Level 1 – Register by Post- Pay by Cash, Cheque or Money Order
Complete the Confidential Information Form, print them off and mail them to us along with payment.

Post to:

Men’s Rights Agency
P.O. Box 28,
Waterford, Queensland 4133 Australia

Level 2 – Friends and Supporters

Level 2 Registration is for people wishing to support MRA Aims and Objectives, join our email list, receive publications and attend meetings when arranged.

The Level 2 Contribution is usually $50 for the 1st year, with a yearly renewal of $40.

Please donate what you can afford. Your donation means we can provide services for people who have nothing but a hope of securing their children’s future.

Level 2 -Registration Online, or you can mail this to MRA. Pay by  Credit Card, Cash, Cheque or Money Order
Just complete our online Credit Card Payment Form . If paying cash, cheque or money order print off the form and mail it to:

Men’s Rights Agency
P.O. Box 28,
Waterford, Queensland 4133 Australia

Tel: (07) 3805 5611
Mob: 0409 269 621