Shared Parenting

The importance of Shared Parenting

Shared Parenting

Men’s Rights Agency is particularly concerned for the well-being of our children and we spend much of our time encouraging fathers to stay in their children's lives. To this end we strongly urged the adoption of shared parenting, as occurred in 2006, when shared parental responsibility and shared parenting time was introduced into the Family Law Act. Children would then be able to maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents. There are many examples of week and week about, split week, or other arrangements that result in children being able to spend close to 50 percent of the time with each parent. It is an ideal way in the unfortunate world of divorce/separated parents to ensure children gain from both parents being involved in their upbringing. Shared parenting also limits the opportunities for friction between parents – they only see each other on change over once week, instead of twice a weekend and sometimes twice during the week.

Sanford Braver ends his book, Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths with the words

“…a future in which fathering is as valid as mothering; a future in which fathers are empowered by the courts, mothers and society to remain positive forces in their children’s lives; a future in which mothers and fathers, though no longer connected through marriage, remain equally committed to working together for the good of their children – the only constituency that ultimately matters.”

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