We mustn’t make boys feel bad about being male

Elizabeth Jackson, ABC

  PHOTO: Do we really want little boys left feeling bad about being male? (Elizabeth Jackson) Our public schools should not portray domestic violence as a battleground of boys versus girls. We must ensure we don’t send children the wrong message, writes Elizabeth Jackson. Remember this. I like girls. I am one. I also like boys; I gave […]

Violent separations put kids in state care

Petrina Berry, Brisbane Times

The majority of Australian children in state care are there because of violent family separations, Queensland’s child safety inquiry has heard. One in four children in Australia witness violence against their mother or stepmother, the inquiry’s Commissioner Tim Carmody said on Monday. He also said 90 per cent of Family Court matters involve violent separations. […]

Anti shared parenting lobbyists

Men's Rights Agency

Recently, we have seen the effects of many years lobbying by women’s groups and academics/researchers in the passage of the Family Law (Family Violence) Act 2010. This Act has effectively ‘rolled-back’ the shared-parenting gains of 2006 by broadening the definition of domestic violence so it now means anything one wants it to mean; removing penalties for false allegations […]

The truth about women who commit domestic violence and child murders

Yuri Joakimidis -7 April 2011

Maternal filicide, defined as child murder by mothers, is a problem that transcends national boundaries. Mothers who kill their children often use the defence of depression or insanity, but are all mothers who kill their children insane? The short answer is “No,” and some courts are beginning to recognise that fact as the following transcribed media accounts of recent criminal proceedings reveal:

“Donna Fitchett called the murder of her two boys her ‘greatest act of love’, but in sentencing late last year Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Curtain told her it was her ‘greatest act of betrayal’.

Silencing abuse victims compounds the abuse – 2000

Sue Price MRA and Sue - from the UK, an abused child

 During the past month we have watched the Queensland minister for Families Youth and Community Care, Anna Bligh make political mileage out of the “boy in the box story”. This was the tragic case where a little boy was kept tied up in a cardboard box for three weeks. He suffered 80 cigarette burns to […]

Broken Homes and Violated Innocence – Child Abuse – 1999

Barry Maley, Brisbane Courier Mail

 The first step toward reducing child abuse is to recognise the circumstance under which it occurs, writes Barry Maley. Stories this year of some horrendous child abuse and even child murder have made us acutely aware of a facet of adult behaviour we would prefer not to think about. Crime figures are collected by the […]

Child Abuse Statistics – USA -1999

Third National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (NIS-3)US Department of Health and Human Services Table 5-3 shows that children in mother-only households are 4 times more likely to be fatally abused [read: murdered] than children in father-only households. Table 5-4 shows that children in mother-only households are 40% more likely to be sexually […]

Child sexual abuse by women: The sexual abuse by women of children and teenagers

UK Television BBC1 - Panorama

Warning: This programme contains explicit descriptions of attacks and the emotional and physical damage they have caused, which some viewers/readers may find distressing. Narrator: The sexual abuse of children by women was once thought to be so rare it could be ignored. Today the victims tell a different story. Woman: You knew when my mum […]

Child Abuse and Violence in Society – Sen. Anne Cools 1995

Senator Anne Cools, "Transitions: Journal of Men's Perspectives", National Coalition of Free Men. http://www.ncfm.org

A speech delivered by Senator Anne Cools to the Canadian Senate on March 28, 1995. Honorable Senators, my intention today is to focus on children as recipients of violence in the family. I shall review some of the research and findings on the troubled family and child at risk. Honourable Senators, the understanding of human […]