A Binding Child Support Agreement Can Be Set Aside

Sydney, NSW — (SBWIRE) — 10/21/2013 – A binding child support agreement can be set aside based on exceptional circumstances. An exceptional circumstance is when the agreement will cause hardship of a serious nature and inequity to the applicant. The father failed to prove the exceptional circumstance in his case. Jessup and Jessup [2010] FMCAfam 124 […]

Alby Schultz lashes ‘anti-male’ Child Support Agency in valedictory speech

Joe Kelly, The Australian

ALBY Schultz has used his valedictory speech to urge the incoming government to hold a parliamentary inquiry into what he believes is an “endemic” anti-male culture at the Child Support Agency. Mr Schultz, the member for the NSW seat of Hume to the ACT’s north, was one of three Liberal MPs in the lower house […]

CSA/SSAT challenged in court – funds needed

Men's Rights Agency

FUNDS URGENTLY NEEDED! A very brave man and his partner have decided enough is enough. The treatment doled out by CSA and SSAT have driven them to take court action to challenge the decisions made. The solicitor acting for Mr Parkins, (a pseudonym) writes:(Read his full report here) “It is therefore in cases such as […]

CSA/SSAT challenge summary

 (Names have been changed to comply with the legal requirement of non-identification) Read the following summary from the solictor who is acting for Mr Parkins in thiis matter.  The text below extends beyond Mr Parkins circumstances directly by analogy and example. However, given your Association’s charter, there is I believe relevance to your objects and for this reason wish […]

Child Support Agency routinely breaching the human rights of fathers (UK)

Marilyn Stowe Blog

  In a robust judgement sure to cause consternation, the Court of Appeal has condemned the Child Support Agency (CSA) for “obnoxious” and “unreasonable” legal failings in threatening fathers with jail without giving them the right to defend themselves. Sitting with the Lords Justice Patten and Richards, Lord Justice Ward said: “The procedures adopted do […]

Hundreds of parents banned from overseas travel over unpaid child support

Natasha Bita, Herald Sun

CSA Departure Prohibition Order overturned
….But the Men’s Rights Agency demanded the government abolish travel bans.

“They treat fathers worse than they treat criminals in this country,” director Sue Price said.

Fathers make up 86 per cent of parents paying child support.

Dad wins battle to live overseas

Vanda Carson, Daily Telegraph

http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/dad-wins-battle-to-live-overseas/story-fndo317g-1226498716424 A DEADBEAT dad who didn’t pay child support for years has won a battle to live overseas. Malcolm Kenyon, 68, owes $17,000 in child support for his son, now 33, and $35,000 in unpaid maintenance. In September 2007 Mr Kenyon was banned from leaving the country until he paid but took his case to […]

One father’s fight for gender-neutral justice

Barbara Kay, National Post - Cananda

Variations on these injustices fill the family court literature. Stats Canada does not keep separate tabs on custody-linked suicides. But Australia, a country much like our own in this regard, does — and there are about 20 hardship-related suicides a week.

Govt chases dad over one cent CSA debt

Richard Bruinsma, Fraser Coast Chronicle

A CALOUNDRA father-of-three feels guilty that taxpayers’ money has been wasted by the Federal Government in a 10-month quest to chase up an outstanding debt he has of just one cent. Orhan Dilbaz went to the Caloundra Post Office in November last year to settle a Child Support Agency invoice of $4954.21. He paid with […]

Forged signature on housing finance application

Anthony Klan, The Australian

This article may seem a little off-topic for the MRA Website, but be warned it is not. The Child Support Agency has for many years been able to access banking documents, loan applications and other financial details about your personal finances. On many occasions we have noted CSA have conducted a review and set the […]