The Contradiction That Rules Feminism

Harvey C. Mansfield, The Hoover Institute

    Image credit:  Barbara Kelley Feminism in the universities is nothing new. The movement had its start among intellectuals outside universities—Simone de Beauvoir in Paris, Betty Friedan in America—but soon made its way to academia. Feminism was able to change American society from the top down, but that did not prevent feminism from expressing, […]

Fighting Wikipedia Corruption: AVfM Partnership with WikiMANNia

Dean Esmay, "A Voice for Men"

Quote: To be clear, although feminism purports to be either pro-woman or pro-equality, it is an ideology, almost a religion, carrying a set of assumptions which when applied to writing on almost any topic perverts the meaning of such writing.

Working women must stop blaming men for their troubles, says Sunrise presenter Natalie Barr who has ‘never been discriminated against’

Natalie Barr, Daily Telegraph, Sydney 369 comments Natalie Barr, pictured out on location, gives a no-holds-barred account of her career path – and life as a working mother. Picture: Channel 7. Source: Channel 7 Sunrise star gives honest account of her career Reveals tough decisions made as a mother Shouldn’t be a case of ‘us’ and ‘them’ with men […]

Don’t kid yourself, Cate Blanchett – women are no longer a ‘niche’

Celia Waldren, UK The Telegraph Entertainment

The Oscar winner is guilty of triumphal whingeing in her acceptance speech  –    and what’s more, she’s wrong: women have never had it so good in Hollywood Keep it real, Cate Blanchett Photo: Rex Features   “Forty-five seconds,” Jared Leto lamented at a party the night before his   Best Supporting Oscar win on Sunday. “That’s all […]

You Are Not a Princess! 25 Points for Women and Men to Consider

First published on December 15, 2009 Dr Tara’s blog is well worthwhile reading and identifies some hometruths that have been avoided in the discussion of responsibilities, fault etc. To donate and/or contribute to her blog please see details at the end of this page. Dr Tara J. Palmatier provides confidential, fee-for-service, consultation/coaching services to help both men […]

Veminism is the new feminism for the ambitious woman

Karen Brooks The Courier-Mail  Liberal Senator Michaella Cash in full flow during her lengthy tirade against Penny Wong, in which she accused the Labor Senator of betraying Julia Gillard and ‘the sisterhood’. Source: The Courier-Mail                   IT’S futile to pretend we’ve ever been a “civil” society, but there’s strong evidence […]

Why the Left hates families


MELANIE PHIILLIPS reveals how the selfish sneers of Guardianistas made her see how the Left actively fosters – and revels in – family breakdown… Comments (306) Share Melanie Phillips reveals how her father’s failings showed her the toxic legacy of inadequate parents, and how she fights the Left, not from ‘the Right’, but on its […]

Women attack Tony Abbott

This cartoon says it all. It didn’t take Julia Gillard long to play the victim card ….first she was “young and naive” and now all these “misogynists and and nut jobs on the internet” are attacking her.  Poor Julia!    Just look how the sisterhood has rallied round to protect her.   Does she deserve your sympathy? Not in my opinion. […]

Feminists revolting next year?

Graeme Leech - The Australian - Melba

Revolt and retribution Some feminists seem to think they should support the sisterhood right or wrong. Sometimes, ardent feminists cannot see beyond their categorisation of all men as anti-women. Which makes it a bit tough to engage them in a debate that looks at issues without the prism of gender politics deflecting the argument on […]