MRA – Keep both parents in our children’s lives

Men's Rights Agency

The Australian Insititute of Family Studies, evaluation report (pdf download) highlights the need for further changes to the family law scheme, to ensure children have the opportunity to be cared for by both their parents, despite separation.  The Men’s Rights Agency notes that despite the changes to family law legislation in 2006 – to strengthen the […]

Men’s Rights Agency – Aussie Dads relegated to second place

   According to leaks to the media, Australian children less than 2 years old, whose parents are separated, will be prevented from spending much time with their father. Information from the Australian Institute of Family Studies’ ‘Shared Parenting Study’ – and the report into domestic violence and family law compiled by ex-Family Court judge Richard […]

Fair Share

Maria Moscaritolo , Adelaide Advertiser

Separated parents would share equal responsibility for their children’s upbringing under a proposed overhaul of the family law system which recommends sidelining the involvement of the Family Court. A federal parliamentary committee report into child custody yesterday rejected forcing equal joint residency on separated parents but said shared care should be the starting point for […]

Joint custody recommendations win praise

Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( ABC)

 Parents’ groups and welfare organisations are welcoming most of the findings from a federal parliamentary inquiry into child custody arrangements. The joint parliamentary committee is recommending a major shake-up of the nation’s child custody system, including significant changes to family law, courts and custody support payments. In particular, the committee recommends a presumption of equal […]

Committee proposes family law overhaul

ABC Online

A federal parliamentary inquiry has recommended a wide-ranging shake-up of Australia’s family law, including an overhaul of child custody payments. The House of Representatives Family and Community Affairs Committee has recommended that in family breakdown situations, a 50-50 share of a child’s custody should be the “standard objective” but says that aim  should not be […]

Dwelling Choices for the Children of Separated Parents

Lars Tornstam, translated by Dr. Mark Woods for MRA

The trend is, however, undoubtedly that more and more decisions on joint custody are going to be handed down. This can, as the Swedish Vårdnadstvistutredningen (1995) points out, lead to parents, in the future, disputing the children’s dwelling place rather than who has legal custody. This makes it much more important for all the participants, (in the counselling and/or processes of decision making about the dwelling place for children of broken relationships), to base their conclusions and operations on scientific knowledge and proven experience. Lassbo (1994) states that with regards to the family structure’s effect on children’s development, there is too little empirical knowledge and too much guesswork and theorizing.