Family Law Pathways Advisory Group Report Released Today

A report released today by the Federal Government recommends ways to significantly improve information and services for separating families, and to remove frustrating hurdles that make settling arrangements unnecessarily hard and expensive.

Out of the Maze – Pathways to the Future for Families Experiencing Separation, launched by the Attorney-General, Daryl Williams, and the Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Amanda Vanstone, found the effects of family separation are far-reaching, costly and, when families experience a lot of conflict, children can suffer long term effects.

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CSA research into Family Incomes before and after Separation


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Watered down child support changes approved

Labour and Democrat senators refused to allow any measure that would reduce the money paid to the custodial parent.
Gone is the relief of a 2 and 3% reduction in formula payments for those parents who have their children between 10 and 30 % per of time.
Gone is the relief afforded by a reduction in the top income amount of $110K to $79K.

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CSA tells only 25% of the story!

According to the latest figures from CSA separated fathers are not so badly off as they think!
Kathleen Swinbourne, president of the Sole Parents Union has hardly been able to contain her delight that CSA have released costings under the questionable heading “Demonstrating Family Income Before and After Separation”.

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CSA booed and jeered!

A report from an observer who attended a Child Support Agency Information Meeting held at the Camden Civic Centre on Thursday evening February 1, 2001. Anyone who doubts whether the Child Support Agency is a deeply despised institution should have attended the public information night the Agency held at Camden Civic Centre. What was telling […]

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