Here’s the good news for the day. Finally, some women are starting to wake up to the damage extreme feminism has caused to women, relationships, men and children.

It is good that they are starting to recognise the damage they have done to men and their children as well, not just themselves!

Thirty years ago we recognised the disaster that was coming. Just such a pity, a tragedy that so many lives have been lost and destroyed in the intervening years.

We need to push this enlightened recognition to everyone we can. We have seen this emerging over the past 18 months or so, as more and more women are starting to speak out. We need to encourage more of them to remember their sons, new partners, grandchildren, brothers or colleagues are being badly affected by the onslaught of hatred and vilification against men.

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Date 25/06/2024 11:59:45 PM

Subject Women Say They Have Been Misled and Betrayed by Feminist Ideology

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Women Say They Have Been Misled and Betrayed by Feminist Ideology

June 25, 2024 – Growing numbers of women around the world are voicing their discontent and disillusionment with feminist ideology (1). Indeed, only 29% of American women identify as feminist, according to an Ipsos survey (2).

This trend recently reached the pages of the UK Daily Mail where journalist Petronella Wyatt alleged feminism “has failed me and my generation” (3).  Daughter of the former Member of Parliament Woodrow Wyatt, Petronella is in every sense a feminist icon: Well-educated, socially well-connected, and unencumbered by family ties.

Underscoring her poignant observations with a bittersweet smile, Wyatt reveals four ways in which feminist ideology has betrayed herself, her circle of friends, and women in general:

Marriage and Family: Karl Marx viewed marriage as an exploitative institution. “The bourgeois sees his wife a mere instrument of production,” Marx once wrote. Accordingly, feminists seek to sideline the role of marriage.

This plan has had devastating consequences for women.

Noting that one in 10 British women in their 50s has never married, Wyatt reveals how this is a direct result of feminist advocacy: “One of my unmarried school friends recalls: ‘My teachers made me feel as if marriage was shameful.’…Yet of all the institutions that have come down to us from the past, none is so derailed by feminism as the family.”

Mental Health: Over half — 56% — of young liberal white women have been diagnosed with a mental health condition (4), which in large part is a direct result of an epidemic of female loneliness.

Wyatt reveals, “many single women feel they have failed at life. Far from empowering us, feminism has made us insecure. “’My career has stalled, I’ve never married and I feel worthless as a person,’ observes my pretty 53-year-old friend Rachel.”

Economic Status: It’s a truism that women who live in a single-person household enjoy less income than persons in a two-person family.

“A university professor chum bemoans ‘as a single woman, it has been increasingly difficult to pay the bills with no assistance from a partner. For every J K Rowling, there are millions of women who get by on a pittance,” Wyatt recounts. “Feminism kept drumming into my head that financial independence was the ideal, but in practice it doesn’t happen unless you are managing a hedge fund or are able to write best-selling novels.”

Demonization of Men: In some respects, feminism has turned vindictive and hateful, stereotyping men as “abusers” and “patriarchal oppressors.” Wyatt explains how her friend Sally once confided, “’I constantly feel unwanted as a woman because feminism taught us that the traditional female was a stereotype invented by men to keep us down. Accordingly, I was anti-men to the point of driving them away. Now, I’m paying for this.”

“The world has now changed in a way the early feminists would find incomprehensible. I sometimes think, and so do my friends, that the West has outgrown the feminist philosophy, and that it has become pernicious,” Wyatt recounts.

Wyatt ends her narrative-shattering article with this advice: “It’s time for a cultural reset. It may be too late for me and my friends, but feminism should not be allowed to ruin the lives of future generations as well.”



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