CSA Cost to Taxpayers Report from PIR

CSA The cost to the taxpayer – PIR (click to download) PIR analysis of the latest government figures released on the Child Support Agency clearly demonstrate the undisclosed burden on taxpayers created by the child support scheme. A project which began with high ideals has turned into a costly endeavour with no tangible benefits for children […]

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UK Works & Pension Committee ask MRA about child support

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Child support scheme – national financial disaster says Report

*High unemployment contributes to hidden costs of $3,700 million p.a.
*Children’s weekly support payments decrease!
A report into CSA The cost to the taxpayer – PIR confirms the child support scheme is financially, a national disaster and the hidden costs to the tax payer far outweigh any benefits claimed by the Child Support Agency.

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Dads turning to DNA to resolve child support disputes

MARK COLVIN: Surveys differ wildly on the percentage of men who falsely believe they’re the father of a child.
A UK study put it at 30 per cent. Melbourne’s Swinburne University said it was just one per cent.
But what’s clear is that with DNA testing becoming more accessible, paternity is also getting easier to identify.
And the recent reform of child support laws has also empowered men. In fact there’s been a spate of cases where women have been forced to pay back child support to men they wrongly identified as the father.

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Men Alone and at Risk –

“Our darling Greg died of a broken heart,” announced the death notice placed by his mother and sister when Federal MP Greg Wilton killed himself last year. Wilton’s death attracted massive publicity, highlighting the marriage break-up and loss of his children as events precipitating his drastic action. Three weeks earlier Wilton was found in a distressed state in a car with his two young children.

Greg Wilton, 44, was well aware of the vulnerability of men in his situation. Three years earlier he gave a speech in parliament commenting on a report on youth suicide, pointing out that the group at greatest risk of killing themselves were adult men.

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