Silence Breeds Violence – Australian Army members speak out about family & domestic violence

“Silence is the Accomplice” is a short film produced by the #AustralianArmy that tells the stories of four of its members: four very brave serving soldiers and their experiences with family and domestic violence. Their accounts are confronting, and deeply personal. The people in the film are not actors—they are people from our Army, our […]

Changes to Family Law – little notice given

Dads in Distress

Thanks to  Pete Nicholls from Dads in Distress for this important notification of pending changes to family law in its interaction with domestic violence. It is urgent if any has some time to put in  a submission. The govt have put out to consultation, a proposed change of family law relating to DV. Responses must […]

The fight against domestic violence needs to look beyond blaming men

Stephanie Ross, Kookaburra Care November 6 2016 In my teens I became active in the pro-life movement after the Victorian 2008 Abortion Law Reform Bill passed, legalising abortion up to birth. I spoke at rallies, sidewalk counselled and advocated for life wherever I could. During this time I found the pro-life movement was mostly supported by civil-minded advocates, […]

New DV Guidelines turn shows of displeasure into ‘violence’

“Unfortunately these guidelines constitute a major threat to fundamental rights in Australia, including due process, property rights and parental rights”.

Funding for male victims of DV helps Mark Rayner

Funding for male victims of DV helps Mark Rayner 19 Aug 2016, 2 p.m. Lynn Field Dubbo anti-domestic violence campaigner Lynn Field has welcomed $13 million in NSW government funding for male victims of domestic violence. The funding was announced in the this year’s budget and will be used to establish victim services Ms Field, […]

“Real Men Do Cry” Documentary Highlights the Physical and Mental Effects of Domestic Abuse on Male Victims  The ManKind Initiative, Britain’s first charity to support male victims of domestic abuse, has today launched a new groundbreaking and sensitive documentary portraying the real stories and experiences of male victims of domestic abuse in the UK. The documentary is released as part of the wider #uksaysnomore1 campaign that aims to end domestic abuse […]

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Domestic violence: data shows women are not the only victims | The Weekend Australian Inquirer The University of Queensland’s Kim Halford suggests that perhaps three-quarters of a million children witness both parents engaged in domestic violence. BETTINA ARNDT Columnist @thebettinaarndt Eva Solberg is a Swedish politician, a proud feminist who holds an important post as chairwoman of the […]

Blokes alone not to blame for domestic violence

The Australian - Bettina Arndt - Opinion Page 22

“For years now, all the key players in our well-orchestrated domestic violence sector have been singing from the same page, happily accepting government money to promote the idea that domestic violence is all about dangerous men terrorising their partners.   Malcolm Turnbull is on record boasting that the government is spending “hundreds of millions” of […]

Blanket domestic violence blame is an insult to men, says Tom Elliott

Tom Elliott, Herald Sun I’M SICK of all men being blamed for domestic violence against women. A small minority of men commit that hideous act, yet the entire male gender is told to shoulder the responsibility. It’s time the vast majority of decent men stood up for themselves. White Ribbon Australia is an organisation that works to prevent […]

AIFS “Experiences of Separated Parents Study” reveals high levels of domestic violence against men In October 2015, the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) released its Experiences of Separated Parents Study – part of its evaluation of the 2012 family violence amendments by the Federal Government. The study examined the experiences of two cohorts of parents, in 2012 and 2014, the latter a total of 6,079 parents who […]