Harvard study says 70 percent of domestic violence is committed by women against men

http://newscastmedia.com/domestic-violence.htm by Joseph Earnest 15 November 2013 Newscast Media HOUSTON—Three years ago I wrote an article based on a scientific study done by Harvard Medical School that revealed domestic violence was not as one-sided as the media often depicts it.  The article to this very day is the second most popular article I’ve written and […]

Talking Point: Root causes of domestic violence are ignored by grand plan

Greg Barns, Hobart Mercury

http://m.themercury.com.au/news/opinion/talking-point-root-causes-of-domestic-violence-are-ignored-by-grand-plan/story-fnj4f64i-1227485748237   Premier Will Hodgman, Our Watch chairwoman Natasha Stott Despoja and Australian of the Year Rosie Batty after the release of the Government’s domestic violence plan. Picture: RICHARD JUPE POLITICIANS are a shallow lot these days. Good policy, policy based on evidence and on ensuring dealing with existential issues, is jettisoned for headline grabbing […]

More mothers kill their children

The main killers of children in Australia, according to the latest statistics from the Australian Institute of Criminology (2010-2012), are:   Mothers (47%, n=20) Fathers (30%, n=13) Mothers’ new male partners (19%, n=8)   The phrase “women and children” excludes the fact that many killers of children are women. By consciously ignoring this fact, Keneally, […]

Why men feel aggrieved in family court interventions

Michael Challinger, Melbourne Age

http://www.theage.com.au/comment/why-men-feel-aggrieved-in-family-court-interventions-20150810-givcxp.html 11 August 2015 Comments 45 Michael Challinger A legal process to restrain family violence needs to work faster and more fairly. Photo: Intervention orders do more than just restrain violence. Often they separate a man from his children, evict him from his home and deprive him of his property. Photo: Craig Sillitoe My client Tom* was […]

The hidden politics of family violence

Martin McKenzie-Murray, The Saturday Paper

https://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/news/law-crime/2015/08/08/the-hidden-politics-family-violence/14389560002224?utm_source=The+Saturday+Briefing&utm_campaign=52e799caf8-The_Saturday_Briefing_08_08_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6de0204698-52e799caf8-303191829 Two days before Christmas, the freshly anointed premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, announced the establishment of a royal commission on family violence. “The whole system is broken,” he said. “It doesn’t protect the vulnerable, it doesn’t punish the guilty and more of the same policies will only mean more of the same tragedies.” Andrews […]

Mark Latham: campaigns on domestic violence must not miss the real targets

MArk Latham - Australian Financial Review

Domestic violence victims in highrisk areas lose out in the focus on false “hot spots”. Georgia Osland One of the fascinating aspects of modern Left-wing culture is the creation of false notions of victimhood. Left-feminists in particular spend a lot of time constructing a world of persecution around themselves.In an era in which women are dominating men in […]

One in Three Campaign launches Respectful Relationship poster series for young males

http://www.oneinthree.com.au/news/2015/6/8/one-in-three-campaign-launches-respectful-relationship-poste.html One in Three has produced a series of seven free  digital poster designs aimed at educating boys and young men about respectful and healthy relationships. Covering issues such as sexual abuse/unwanted sex, social abuse/isolation and physical and emotional abuse, the posters aim to encourage young males not to accept unhealthy or abusive behaviours in their relationships. […]

Australian feminist attacks integrity of advocacy group for male victims of domestic violence

http://www.fighting4fair.com/uncategorized/australian-feminist-attacks-integrity-of-advocacy-group-for-male-victims-of-domestic-violence/    In her article entitled ‘The ‘One in Three’ claim about male domestic violence victims is a myth‘, Jane Gilmore launched a full-frontal attack on the integrity of Australia’s key advocacy group for male victims of domestic violence, and of the men’s rights movement (MRM) generally. But more than that, Jane did exactly what feminists […]

Fatherlessness linked to increased risk of child abuse

by Augusto Zimmermann News Weekly, January 31, 2015

For years, fathers’ groups have complained that restraining orders, intended as a shield against domestic violence, are often misused by unscrupulous pseudo-victims and over-zealous courts.[1] However, whenever these groups request that fathers should have more time to spend with their children after divorce, feminist groups argue that those children will be exposed to more violence.[2] […]

Why do we believe such terrible things about men that can’t be true?

Femicide has been identified globally as ‘a leading a cause of premature death   for women’, but does such a dramatic statement stand up to scrutiny, asks Neil   Lyndon       Figures from the UN claim that more than one in three of all women is subjected to sexual violence Photo: Alamy   This week, in the New […]