Family Courts Violence Review 2009 by Prof Chisholm – Attorney General

Men's Rights Agency, Prof Chisholm and Attorney General Robert McClelland

Family Courts Violence Review by Prof Chisholm 2009 – Australian Government The Attorney-General commissioned a review of the practices, procedures and laws that apply in the federal family law courts in the context of family violence. The Family Courts Violence Review considered whether improvements could be made to ensure that the federal family law courts provide […]

Men’s Rights Agency responds to Chisholm Family law, family violence review

Sue Price, Men's Rights Agency

The portrayal that women are the only victims of interpersonal or family violence is incorrect and the longer this falsehood is allowed to be used as the determining factor guiding the Federal/State governments’ response to reducing violence within families, the more likely it is their proposals will fail. Providing solutions to “deal with” only one half of the problem has never been a successful strategy and is likely to exacerbate the very problem it seeks to resolve.

Men’s Rights: ‘No Fault’ Divorce Should be Reviewed

Sue Price, Men's Rights Agency

IMPORTANT POLICY REVIEW SLAMS THE DOOR The Australian Institute of Family Studies is currently undertaking research into the effects of important changes to  family law which, in 2006, introduced shared parental responsibility and focused  on a child’s right to be raised by both parents. The Attorney General says he will be guided by the report […]

Doctors hit back at Family court

Tony Koch, The Weekend Australian

MEDICAL experts who last week accused the Family Court of not caring about children yesterday blasted Chief Justice Diana Bryant for releasing a judgment critical of their evidence.

Brisbane psychiatrist Brian Ross said the court’s reaction “highlighted the perversity of a system that didn’t get the truth”.
Dr Ross said the mother involved in a custody battle over two young children had been a patient of his for three years and for the court to accuse her of being vindictive against her former husband was “a blatant misrepresentation of the truth”.
“She had no agenda. Her issue was to be protective of her children,” Dr Ross said.

Court lifts lid on custody case to allay fears

Leanne Edmistone, Courier Mail, Brisbane

Family Court of Australia Chief Justice Diana Bryant said yesterday that both public interest and the interests of the children “demanded” the details be released, to protect both the children and public confidence in the court itself.
National media reports last week aired criticisms from Dr David Wood, state chairman of the Australian College of Paediatrics and the Abused Child Trust, and clinical psychologist Sue Aydon that the Family Court did not put children first, allowed experts to be bullied by lawyers and ignored expert medical advice put before it.

Fair Share

Maria Moscaritolo , Adelaide Advertiser

Separated parents would share equal responsibility for their children’s upbringing under a proposed overhaul of the family law system which recommends sidelining the involvement of the Family Court. A federal parliamentary committee report into child custody yesterday rejected forcing equal joint residency on separated parents but said shared care should be the starting point for […]

Joint custody recommendations win praise

Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( ABC)

 Parents’ groups and welfare organisations are welcoming most of the findings from a federal parliamentary inquiry into child custody arrangements. The joint parliamentary committee is recommending a major shake-up of the nation’s child custody system, including significant changes to family law, courts and custody support payments. In particular, the committee recommends a presumption of equal […]

Committee proposes family law overhaul

ABC Online

A federal parliamentary inquiry has recommended a wide-ranging shake-up of Australia’s family law, including an overhaul of child custody payments. The House of Representatives Family and Community Affairs Committee has recommended that in family breakdown situations, a 50-50 share of a child’s custody should be the “standard objective” but says that aim  should not be […]

Family Court Driving Fathers To Suicide

Dr Muriel Newman MP

ACT New Zealand Social Welfare Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman today called on the Government to make provision for shared parenting in its Care of Children Bill – to avoid New Zealand mirroring Australia, where family law is driving many fathers to suicide. “According to Australian statistics, males aged 25-44 are most at risk of suicide. […]

Legal minefield for deceived fathers

Leonie Lamontm Sydney Morning Herald

During an interstate access visit, and a trip to the Melbourne Show, Bill told his 14-year-old son he was going to take him for an allergy test. The test was in reality a DNA parentage test, to establish the likelihood of Bill being the boy’s biological father. The fallout is set to force the Federal […]