Missing the Alienation

                  Many thanks to the National Parents’ Organization in the USA for this important article highlighting the mistakes made in alienation cases. https://nationalparentsorganization.org/component/content/article/16-latest-news/21679-missing-the-alienation                   Why do mental health professionals and attorneys who evaluate or work with alienated children frequently mistake alienation for estrangement? The main reason is that cases of parental alienation are counterintuitive.  That is, the brain […]

Fighting Wikipedia Corruption: AVfM Partnership with WikiMANNia

Dean Esmay, "A Voice for Men"

Quote: To be clear, although feminism purports to be either pro-woman or pro-equality, it is an ideology, almost a religion, carrying a set of assumptions which when applied to writing on almost any topic perverts the meaning of such writing.

Domestic violence study ‘flawed’ say men’s health advocates

Men’s Rights Agency is a signatory to this formal complaint and wishes to thank  Men’s Health Australia for their efforts in detailing a thorough and comprehensive list of problems associated with the online survey. A link is included to the letter of complaint below.  http://www.menshealthaustralia.net/content/domestic-violence-study-flawed-say-mens-health-advocates.html A national coalition of men’s health advocates has made a […]

Washington Dad Awarded $9 Million in False Sexual Abuse Case

Robert Franklin, National Parents' Organization, USA

  https://www.nationalparentsorganization.org/recent-articles?id=21654 It’s taken almost 30 years, but justice has finally come to Clyde Ray Spencer. On February 3rd, a jury in federal court in Tacoma, Washington awarded him $9 million for the malicious denial of his civil rights by police officers and prosecutors there. Here’s the latest (The National Trial Lawyers, 3/26/14). And here’s […]

Working women must stop blaming men for their troubles, says Sunrise presenter Natalie Barr who has ‘never been discriminated against’

Natalie Barr, Daily Telegraph, Sydney

http://m.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/working-women-must-stop-blaming-men-for-their-troubles-says-sunrise-presenter-natalie-barr-who-has-never-been-discriminated-against/story-fni0cwl5-1226859496003?sv=ba2922c31a105b017e7b8af16ddfe347 369 comments Natalie Barr, pictured out on location, gives a no-holds-barred account of her career path – and life as a working mother. Picture: Channel 7. Source: Channel 7 Sunrise star gives honest account of her career Reveals tough decisions made as a mother Shouldn’t be a case of ‘us’ and ‘them’ with men […]

Don’t kid yourself, Cate Blanchett – women are no longer a ‘niche’

Celia Waldren, UK The Telegraph Entertainment

The Oscar winner is guilty of triumphal whingeing in her acceptance speech  –    and what’s more, she’s wrong: women have never had it so good in Hollywood Keep it real, Cate Blanchett Photo: Rex Features   “Forty-five seconds,” Jared Leto lamented at a party the night before his   Best Supporting Oscar win on Sunday. “That’s all […]

The Case For Shared Parenting

Georgialee Lang, Life, Canada

http://o.canada.com/life/the-case-for-shared-parenting/ There is a groundswell of activity and energy swirling throughout North America as lawmakers take a closer look at shared parenting, and Canada is at the forefront. Despite the best efforts of dinosaur lawyers and jaded feminists to disparage a better model for parenting, shared parenting, also known as joint physical custody, is a […]

Fill out this survey NOW! AIFS inquiry into 2011Family law, family violence changes

 AIFS inquiry into 2011Family law, family violence changes  The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is conducting a new survey to evaluate the impact of the Family Law Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Act 2011 (Cth) – Non-legal professionals. This AIFS survey is supposed to be for professionals. However we have filled in the survey […]

High Wired update: Male studies maelstrom

http://www.theaustralian.com.au/higher-education/high-wired/high-wired-update-male-studies-maelstrom/story-fnizwcu6-1226801282251 High Wired update: Male studies maelstrom GETTING to the truth of the men’s health course; changes afoot at Monash; and painful logo explanations. Men’s watershed: Universities in our smaller cities can develop a somewhat fractious relationship with their local media outlets. And so it was in Adelaide on the weekend when an article linked […]

In Pursuit of Manly Equality

BARI WEISS - The Wall Street Journal and The Australian

http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/wall-street-journal/in-pursuit-of-manly-equality/story-fnay3ubk-1226792722723# Politically correct education and America’s declining industrial base have left men with ‘no models of manhood’, says Camille Paglia. Picture: Getty Images Source: Supplied  “WHAT you’re seeing is how a civilisation commits suicide,” says Camille Paglia. This self-described “notorious Amazon feminist” isn’t telling anyone to Lean In or asking Why Women Still Can’t Have […]