New puritanism at work in refusals to show film The Red Pill

The Australian - Janet Albrechtsen

Illustration: Sturt Krygsman The Australian 12:00AM April 19, 2017 Save Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on email Share more… 406 JANET ALBRECHTSEN Columnist Sydney @jkalbrechtsen The liberal democratic model doesn’t need a tune-up; it needs a full body overhaul. Increasingly, the university campus — the very place where young minds should be challenged […]

The Red Pill Movie: Blocked again

The Australian - Tessa Akerman

Red Pill: The background to the controversial documentary Documentary maker Cassie Jaye. The Australian 3:03PM April 19, 2017 Save Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on email Share more… 2 Controversial documentary The Red Pill has been the subject of feminist activist protests since it was released — and, as a result has been […]

One Nation Sell-out on Family Law Reform

Men’s Rights Agency has received information that the One Nation party has dumped their Family Law Reform policy. See their current policy listing: The erased policy can be found  using: One Nation also added a new policy to get rid of UN Human Rights then carefully disguised where they hid it on the […]

Silence Breeds Violence – Australian Army members speak out about family & domestic violence

“Silence is the Accomplice” is a short film produced by the #AustralianArmy that tells the stories of four of its members: four very brave serving soldiers and their experiences with family and domestic violence. Their accounts are confronting, and deeply personal. The people in the film are not actors—they are people from our Army, our […]

Beyond blue ties

Corrine Barraclough - The Spectator

Take a deep breath. It’s started and already doesn’t look good. Last week, real life tears caused flooding when it was announced former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was stepping into the chair of the mental health organisation beyondblue. On Sunday she wrote her first comment piece, ‘Why I’ve stepped back into public life’ for the Sydney […]

Julia Gillard joins Beyondblue: Beyond politics, a calling for a national cause

A surprising decision of the Beyond Blue board to appoint Julia Gillard as the next Chair of this non-profit organisation.Gillard expressed her opinion of men in her attack on Tony Abbott. At the time Jeff Kennett was “scathing of the then prime minister’s so-called misogyny speech in which she famously launched a parliamentary attack on […]

Loss of a dear friend and supporter – Rob Thomas

It is with a great deal of sadness that I must let you know that Rob Thomas passed away on Monday 20 March 2017. He finally lost his eleven year battle against prostate cancer. Many of you will remember Rob, always unassuming, quietly spoken, but one of the most dedicated friends of Men’s Rights Agency […]

No sleep drug for son, mum ordered

Caroline Overington - The Australian

A Federal Circuit Court judge has banned a Melbourne mother from using the popular sleep aid melatonin to get her son to sleep. The decision is believed to be the first in which an Australian court has forbidden a parent from administering melatonin, the use of which is widespread among parents of children with autism […]

Custody battle on high seas: dad Mazen Hassan Baioumy ‘held hostage as daughter snatched’

Mark Schliebs - The Australian

Dad ‘held hostage as daughter snatched’ Mazen Hassan Biaoumy is all smiles at the start of the journey, but claims he later wanted to leave the vessel and was held against his will. An Egyptian man is suing the owner of a north Queensland fishing charter, claiming he was ­falsely imprisoned on the 65-foot boat […]

Mother ‘hated son’ who looked like dad, court told

Emily Ritchie - The Australian

A mother accused of murdering her three-year-old son reportedly told police she hated him because he looked like his father, a man she wished was dead. The woman said she had thought about killing her son because she “loved him, but just didn’t connect with him”. “There was a part of me that hated him […]