Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, has to go!

We are calling upon the Australian government to immediately remove Julie Inman Grant from her position as the eSafety Commissioner.

Her recent failed attempt to impose global censorship on social media content, combined with her ongoing national overreach, represents a grave threat to freedom of speech and sets a dangerous precedent for government control over the internet.

Her failed legal action against Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, to enforce a global removal of content related to the Sydney church terror attack. Despite X Corp’s compliance in geoblocking the content within Australia, they contested the Australian government’s authority to enforce a worldwide ban and won.

Yet her unprecedented powers to censor online content domestically need to be stemmed before it’s too late. The government has cited ‘safety’ as the justification for these powers, but it is increasingly clear that they are being used to suppress freedom of speech and control the narrative within Australia.

Such a role could play a positive part in removing child sexual abuse material and protecting victims of actual online crimes, yet E-Karen is more interested in stopping you from seeing the basic reality of news events the woke elite don’t want you to see.

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The actions of the eSafety Commissioner reflect a troubling trend towards increased censorship and governmental control over what Australians can and cannot see online. This not only infringes upon our fundamental rights but also undermines the principles of a free and open internet. The government’s current trajectory under Inman Grant’s leadership is alarming and unacceptable.


We demand that the Australian government:

Remove Julie Inman Grant from her position as eSafety Commissioner immediately.

Review and reform the powers granted to the eSafety office to prevent future overreach.

Commit to upholding freedom of speech and protecting the open internet globally, including Australia.

Our voices must be heard, and our rights must be protected. Stand with us in defending freedom of speech and pushing back against unwarranted censorship.

Sign this petition today and send a clear message to the Australian government: We will not tolerate the erosion of our freedoms.