Child sexual abuse by women: The sexual abuse by women of children and teenagers

UK Television BBC1 - Panorama

Warning: This programme contains explicit descriptions of attacks and the emotional and physical damage they have caused, which some viewers/readers may find distressing. Narrator: The sexual abuse of children by women was once thought to be so rare it could be ignored. Today the victims tell a different story. Woman: You knew when my mum […]

Child Abuse and Violence in Society – Sen. Anne Cools 1995

Senator Anne Cools, "Transitions: Journal of Men's Perspectives", National Coalition of Free Men.

A speech delivered by Senator Anne Cools to the Canadian Senate on March 28, 1995. Honorable Senators, my intention today is to focus on children as recipients of violence in the family. I shall review some of the research and findings on the troubled family and child at risk. Honourable Senators, the understanding of human […]