Beyond Reasonable Doubt – links between child support, parental alienation and male suicide

Prof. Augusto Zimmermann

THE UNDENIABLE LINK: CHILD-SUPPORT SCHEME — UNFAIR PARENTAL ALIENATION — THE MALE-SUICIDE CRISIS Parental Alienation can devastate the relationship between parents and children. It can be a central issue in child custody disputes and it undoubtedly is a leading cause of the disturbing incidence of male suicide in Australia. There is an undeniable link between […]

Are joint custody and shared parenting a child’s right?

October 5, 2018 12.46am AEST Authors Michel Grangeat Professeur Emérite de Sciences de l’Education, Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) Edward Kruk Associate Professor of Social Work, University of British Columbia Malin Bergström Professor, Stockholm University Sofia Marinho Research fellow, Universidade de Lisboa Disclosure statement Michel Grangeat is a member of the Conseil International sur la Résidence […]