Wimping on child support – 1997

Bettina Arndt - Sydney Morning Herald

The Melbourne Coroner heard the sad story of a man who hanged himself in a police cell after two years of being denied access to his three children. One more victim adding weight to the continuing public concern about gross inequities in the treatment of non-custodial parents after divorce.
By the end of the day, the Howard Government had struck another blow to the campaign promoting the rights of non-custodial parents. In announcing changes to the Child Support Scheme, it wimped out.

The Cost of the Child Support Scheme – Cruickshank letter – 1997

Richard Cruickshank - Sydney Morning Herald and The Age - Melbourne

Bettina Arndt (2/10/97 SMH/Age) talks of the costly Child Support Scheme and questions whether the cost of collection can be justified. Bettina is on the right track but research reveals that the cost to all Australians is far greater than that.