Bettina Arndt’s new book #MenToo

From: Bettina Arndt Sent: Thursday, 6 December 2018 10:10 AM Subject: Mums love #MenToo… feminists not so much.   Hi Everybody, What a great start to promotion of my new book, #MenToo.  My interview on Tuesday with Channel 7’s Sunrise breakfast programme was a real surprise with two women interviewing me who were very sympathetic […]

Children of the State – Stolen for Profit

STANDARD LINK Publishing the Book: Children of the State Stolen for Profit Let’s face it: this is a tough sell. In the beginning was the Word. Well, there was a radio show called Dads On The Air. We were a small group of that most unfashionable of all people. Separated, sad, angry, overwhelmed fathers. But unlike […]