Man jailed for failing to pay off home for ex-wife

Nicola Berkovic - The Australian

A man has been jailed for a year for his “flagrant disregard” of the terms of a property settlement with his ex-wife, in a decision aimed at sending a message to the community about the importance of complying with family law orders. The 52-year-old, given the court pseudonym “Mr Gallejo”, agreed in 2013 that his […]

Annotated Research Bibliography on Joint Custody

Annotated Research Bibliography on Joint Custody (By permission, from$FILE/ResearchforSharedResidence.doc) Adapted and added to by Peter Zohrab 2006-2012       Annotated bibliography.. 1 Shared residence is best for children.. 2 Joint residence reduces conflict. 4 Shared parenting saves marriages. 5 Best if relationships are maintained. 6 Meaningful relationships need shared residency. 12 Children […]