Spurious reasons for appalling injustice

Melanie Phillips - The Spectator,

This issue is not confined to Australia. In England, a new book, The Sex-Change Society by Melanie Phillips, published by the Social Market Foundation, claims that fathers are being routinely denied contact with their children on grounds produced by welfare officers that are so spurious as to be virtually incomprehensible. Here are some example: There was […]

Street protester beats judges at own game

Bernard Lane, The Australian

The Family Court brought contempt charges against a father hostile to its decisions but, writes Bernard Lane, could not sustain them. [Picture of Alastair Nicholson. Caption: “Judged: Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson”] [Picture of Terry O’Gorman. Caption: “Jury, please: Terry O’Gorman] Half an hour after the collapse of the highly unusual contempt of court case against […]

Reformers return fire at Family Court

Bernard Lane - The Australian

  Commentary – Men’s Rights Agency ALRC Report draws suggestions the Chief Justice of the Family Court should stand down! The release of the Australian Law Reform Commission final report into the Australian federal justice system confirms their interim findings that the Family Court has a history of failed reform and is inflexible. Following the […]

Feminists revolting next year?

Graeme Leech - The Australian - Melba

Revolt and retribution Some feminists seem to think they should support the sisterhood right or wrong. Sometimes, ardent feminists cannot see beyond their categorisation of all men as anti-women. Which makes it a bit tough to engage them in a debate that looks at issues without the prism of gender politics deflecting the argument on […]

“Family Court makes disputes worse” – 1999

The Australian - Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor and an Editorial in response to two articles published in The Australian on 24-26/12/1999 “Court Out – One man’s battle for his kids” “Court Out – Trial Separation” Justice Nicholson claims that the Family Court “assists parties to resolve their disputes” (Letters, 27/12). I beg to differ. The very nature of the […]

Family Court unfair to men

Sue Price, Men's Rights Agency, The Australian letters

I applaud The Australian for publishing the articles “Court Out” and “Trial Separation” on Christmas Eve. For too long the media have been silent about the difficulties faced by litigants, especially fathers, in the Family Court of Australia. I must however, dispel a myth that is in danger of becoming accepted as fact and is […]

Families need new ways of ending strife

The Australian and Sue Price, Men's Rights Agency

The Australian Editorial written in response to  the “Court Out” and “Trial Separation” articles that appeared on Friday 24 December. Christmas and New Year is a time of happiness and family security – but not for everyone. It is also a period that reveals the strain and conflict within some relationships and families. Fortunately, there is […]

COURT OUT – Trial Separation – 1999

Bernard Lane - High Court Correspondent for the The Australian

Which court? In the near future the Family Court may not be so famous, or infamous, depending on your point of view. As more engaged couples get nudged into marriage education, fewer may end up in court as a breakdown statistic. More families in trouble will be encouraged to see their local psychologist for mediation rather than the court registry. Of the few that who must litigate their way out of relationship conflict, more will go before an informal magistrate, not a superior judge of the Family Court.

COURT OUT One man’s battle for his kids – 1999

A journalist - Mr X - The Australian - Weekend Focus

More than a million Australian children will spend Christmas in a broken home. As the Government tries to improve family justice, ‘Mr X’ tells of his personal voyage of despair. “Don’t cry, you will lose your children for sure,” your barrister says sternly; and inside all you can feel are waves of distress. For you […]

The Family Law Act – 1975 – Divorce Statistics 1971 – 1996

Senator Lionel Murphy introduced his Family Law Bill into the Senate as a replacement for the Matrimonial Causes Act. Senator Murphy introduced the Bill with the words “Mr President, this measure is a most important social reform. It will affect the lives of many.” (Hansard 13.12.73) The Family Law Act was passed in December 1975 […]