Fatherlessness: Still a Mystery to so Many

The Word of Damocles VIEW CART JUNE 27, 2022 Robert Franklin Twice recently, I’ve made the point that, as much as we weep into our hankies about the problem of fatherlessness, we’re not serious.  We know we’re not because, for many decades now, we’ve doggedly refused to confront the problem we created. The reasons for […]

Revolt of the Fatherless

Revolt of the Fatherless The ChroniclesA magazine of American Culture MAY 1, 2022BY STEPHEN BASKERVILLE Our conservative elites clearly have no clue why our civilization is collapsing before our eyes. They can provide no explanation for the triumph of the woke left. Nor can they explain why the virus hoax fools huge numbers into further acquiescence. […]