Celebrating Father’s Day? White Ribbon prefers man/dad-bashing

To celebrate this Father’s Day, White Ribbon engages in a spot of good old man- and dad-bashing http://www.menshealthaustralia.net/content/to-celebrate-this-fathers-day-white-ribbon-engages-in-a-spot.html If you want to enjoy this Father’s Day and celebrate being a Dad, or indeed celebrate your own father, it might be wise not to read the latest ‘paper’ from the White Ribbon Research Series titled Fathers, Fathering […]

Let’s hear it for dad, he’s the man says Kylie Lang

Kylie Lang, The Sunday Mail, Brisbane

http://www.couriermail.com.au/spike/columnists/lets-hear-it-for-dad-hes-the-man/story-fn8fquew-1226463025067     Fathers will be able to embrace quality time with their children.Source: National Features DEADBEAT dads has a certain ring to it, probably because we’ve heard it so often. But for every father who is at best useless and at worst destructive in the lives of their children, there are others who are […]