NSW Govn discriminates with a $10million Return to Work program for women only

Contributor: Anthony Farr

  If you pay any attention at all to our politicians or sections of the media like the ABC then you will be used to hearing that women have borne the brunt of Covid. You may have also noticed that these claims, for all their histrionics, are short on facts. They certainly don’t mention that, […]

Eton College SACKS English master for producing lecture for older students that questioned the ‘current radical feminist orthodoxy’

Will Knowland taught English at £42,500-a-year Berkshire school for nine years Mr Knowland said he was dismissed over a lesson titled ‘The Patriarchy Paradox’ The class was for Perspectives module, where pupils critique subjects of debate It was made as a virtual lecture to be put on the intranet – but it was never aired By JAMES GANT […]