Aussie battle for justice in US University sex-case row

Aussie’s battle for justice in US university sex-case row Lewis McLeod in Sydney’s Barangaroo district yesterday. Picture: John Feder. Geoff Chambers Canberra Bureau Chief @Chambersgc Lewis McLeod’s life, career and ambitions were almost shattered by an unsubstantiated sexual misconduct claim in late 2013. The former Sydney Grammar vice-captain — now 27 — was within touching […]

Company directors: appointment must be based on merit only

Catherine Brenner. Picture: Britta Campion Graham Richardson The Australian 12:00AM May 4, 2018 It was only this week that I realised just how much political correctness has distorted the normal functioning of our society and cowed me into being a wimp of the first water. What’s more, it was a woman of courage who made […]