Dear Men: Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Masculinity

By Madison Gesiotto - Evie Magazine

By Madison Gesiotto·Feb 21st 2019· 4 min read There is a war on masculinity occurring right in front of our eyes, and many are doing nothing about it. Are we going to sit by and let good men be dishonestly destroyed in the name of feminism and #MeToo? For years, feminists have told us that […]

Why it is too easy for innocent people to be wrongly accused of sexual abuse

TOPICS:BBCCrimewatchDr Ros BurnettUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Oxford Centre for Criminology Posted By: admin May 2, 2017 At the end of last month a special BBC Crimewatch programme with a helpline invited callers to report non-recent sexual offence, and on the same day (February 27) the first public hearing of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual […]