It’s High Time Columbia’s Mattress Girl Was Discredited

by Mona Charen August 4, 2017 4:00 AM Sulkowicz at Columbia in 2014 (image via YouTube) Settling a lawsuit filed by the male student she accused of raping her, the university says he was ‘found not responsible.’If you haven’t heard of the “mattress girl,” it’s not for lack of trying among liberal opinion-shapers. Emma Sulkowicz, […]

Unis urged: freedom of speech more important than people’s feelings

  Columnist Bettina Arndt is confronted by protesters at La Trobe University earlier this month. Picture: David Geragh LEGAL AFFAIRS EDITOR @ChrisMerrittc 12:00AM September 18, 2018 311 Comments Former High Court chief justice Robert French has warned universities face the risk of legislative intervention unless they provide a robust defence of free speech on campus. […]