Peter Ridd Wins Biggest Victory On Free Speech In A Generation

Gideon Rozner 16 April 2019 , IPA TODAY, PUBLICATIONS, Media Releases, RESEARCH AREAS, Climate Change, Freedom of Speech Share: The Institute of Public Affairs has today welcomed the historic judgement in the case of Peter Ridd vs James Cook University (JCU) with Judge Vasta finding that Peter Ridd was wrongly dismissed by JCU. “This judgement […]

Women Bark, Men Bite

Women bark, Men bite. Controversial media Award winner Adele Horin (Right) Adele Horin, writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, is no stranger to the trappings of wish-fulfilment journalism. For many journalists, you see what you need to see, and in the case of Adele Horin, men are inherently evil, as one can see from the litany of her work. […]