Woman gets 34 years in jail for setting partner on fire

ABC Central Victoria / By Beth Gibson, Natalie Kerr Posted 12 JulJuly 2019 Officers escort Kate Stone from the courtroom.(ABC Central Victoria: Adriane Reardon) A central Victorian woman has been sentenced to a maximum of 34 years in prison for killing her partner by setting him on fire. Key points: Kate Stone, 41, was sentenced […]

Research confirms 5 uncomfortable facts about young male suicide

Glen Poole, Australian Men's Health Forum

Researchers in the US have confirmed five well established but commonly overlooked facts about suicide in younger men. The ground-breaking study of children and younger adults (12 to 29 years) focused on suicide deaths of LGBT young people. In the process, the study shed light on suicides among “non-LGBT” males and females. Unless otherwise stated, […]