Why won’t we admit it: women commit domestic violence too

Michael Bird, Spectator - Australia

Michael Bird Michael Bird 19 February 2019Mccann Males are generally the perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence and women are generally the victims of domestic and sexual violence. However, we need to remember that “generally” does not mean “exclusively”. According to statistics, women are perpetrators of 25 per cent of domestic violence against men and […]

CEO Who Put His Company on the Line To Stand Up to Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad

WJ Western Journal Tweet Email Print Ergard Watches / YouTube screen shotErgard Watch Company CEO Ilan Srulovicz (Ergard Watches / YouTube screen shot) By Ilan Srulovicz January 18, 2019 at 2:32pm Share on Facebook Tweet EmailPrint Editor’s note: The following was written by Ilan Srulovicz, the CEO and founder of Egard Watch Company, explaining why […]