Trump: ‘Scary and difficult time for young men’ in US …and all other places.


3 October 2018 Media captionTrump: “Somebody could accuse you of something and you’re automatically guilty.” President Donald Trump has told reporters it is a “difficult” and “scary” time for young men in the US. Mr Trump’s remarks came as he reiterated his support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who is battling sexual misconduct claims […]

Vanessa de Largie - The Spectator Australia

Boys won’t be boys Vanessa de Largie In the Oxford dictionary, the word ‘erasure’ is defined as: The act of removing or destroying something. (Synonyms of erasure include deletion, rubbing out, wiping off or wiping out). We hear about black erasure, bi erasure, trans erasure and female erasure. Yet we don’t hear about the erasure […]