New laws to make lawyers pay for dirty divorce tactics

Crime & Justice NATASHA BITA, Associate Editor, The Courier-Mail June 30, 2019 LAWYERS charging more than $28,000 a day in dirty Family Court battles are in the firing line as the Federal Government legislates to slash million-dollar legal costs. One Australian couple spent at least $4.5 million fighting over a $12 million property pool in […]

Fatherlessness in Australia – Statistics

The Times - London

What happens to your children if you or your partner dies? It’s the kind of thought which goes through the minds of most parents now and again. As a parent you have probably taken out life insurance with such a possibility in mind, From time to time you have worried about the effect on your child – emotionally, socially and financially – of losing you or your spouse. You know that children above a certain age, never forget the death of a mother or father and you appreciate that this may affect them for the rest of their lives.