Man pays $58K child support for another man’s child!

Dad’s DNA surprise after paying $58k in child support Madeline Cox | September 04, 2018 After 18 years of drowning in debt to make the fortnightly payments, this is one result Kerry never saw coming. 0:10 Man’s DNA test shock after paying $58K in child support For 18 years, she was Kerry’s little girl.  Even […]

Another Successful UK Paternity Claim Outcome for a duped dad.

In September 2015 in the County Court at Lincoln , Mr C. filed a claim against Ms D. for paternity deceit. Their relationship commenced in 1995 and a child was born in 2005. The relationship ended in May 2010. Previous successful UK case law pertaining to deceit was cited during the claim. In July 2017, […]