Fathers demand mandatory paternity testing

Patricia Karvelas - the Australian

A men’s rights group has called for mandatory paternity testing of all babies after government figures revealed almost 600 instances of men compelled to financially support children they did not father.

Since changes to child support laws four years ago, there had been 586 cases of men successfully using DNA testing to show they were not biologically related to children they had been financially supporting, the federal government has revealed to The Australian.

Dads turning to DNA to resolve child support disputes

ABC PM Program, Mark Colvin, Nicola Fell, Sue Price etc

MARK COLVIN: Surveys differ wildly on the percentage of men who falsely believe  they’re the father of a child. A UK study put it at 30 per cent. Melbourne’s Swinburne University said it was  just one per cent. But what’s clear is that with DNA testing becoming more accessible, paternity is  also getting easier to […]