Dads turning to DNA to resolve child support disputes

Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( ABC), Reporter: Nicola Fell,

MARK COLVIN: Surveys differ wildly on the percentage of men who falsely believe they’re the father of a child.
A UK study put it at 30 per cent. Melbourne’s Swinburne University said it was just one per cent.
But what’s clear is that with DNA testing becoming more accessible, paternity is also getting easier to identify.
And the recent reform of child support laws has also empowered men. In fact there’s been a spate of cases where women have been forced to pay back child support to men they wrongly identified as the father.

Legal minefield for deceived fathers

Leonie Lamontm Sydney Morning Herald

During an interstate access visit, and a trip to the Melbourne Show, Bill told his 14-year-old son he was going to take him for an allergy test. The test was in reality a DNA parentage test, to establish the likelihood of Bill being the boy’s biological father. The fallout is set to force the Federal […]