What are fathers for? – Michael Lamb

Policy makers have had the advantage of more than 70 years of fatherhood research to inform their legislative decisions. It is time to act on this accumulated wisdom. Posted by Yuri Joakimidis, Thanks to Yuri and the Shared Parenting Information Group UK http://www.spig.clara.net/ippr/lamb.htm Michael Lamb Speaking at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) Conference ‘Men […]

Shared Parenting Research – Must Read

 Yuri Joakimides has once again produced an extremely useful listing for those dads who are facing a negative response to the suggestion of shared parenting. Thanks Yuri. Recently published must read shared parenting research that lays to rest the most common claims made by those who seek to eliminate or marginalize fathers in the lives […]

Every 2nd Weekend

Avoca Beach Picture Theatre Coasties 2012 WinneEvery 2nd Weekend Every father who is separated from his children understands the meaning of the term “Every 2nd Weekend”. The ‘every 2nd weekend’ template was the standard contact a newly separated father could expect to have with his children. The devastation in firstly, losing one’s wife/partner and then to […]

Anti shared parenting lobbyists

Men's Rights Agency

Recently, we have seen the effects of many years lobbying by women’s groups and academics/researchers in the passage of the Family Law (Family Violence) Act 2010. This Act has effectively ‘rolled-back’ the shared-parenting gains of 2006 by broadening the definition of domestic violence so it now means anything one wants it to mean; removing penalties for false allegations […]

Aiming for a fair share of parenting in split families

Susie O'Brien , Herald Sun

 WHERE it is possible and good for the kids, shared parenting is worth fighting for. Children have a right to be brought up by both parents. This means dads should have the same rights as mums. Source: HWT Image Library Two of Australia’s leading law experts last week questioned the value of shared parenting. The […]

Roxon to tackle law on family violence

Pia Akerman From:The Australian

NICOLA Roxon has flagged further changes to the Family Law Act to improve the court system’s response to family violence, amid calls for greater clarification on how and when family violence should be relevant to disputes. The Attorney-General yesterday declared there was “more to do” in reforming the system to provide better support for victims, […]

Shared care not the key for kids

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

CHILDREN of divorced parents do not feel secure in shared care unless there is a high level of parental co-operation, according to new research, which finds that equal time and a lack of conflict between parents is not enough to foster contentment. Researcher Christina Sadowski did a qualitative study through the University of Ballarat, interviewing […]

Survey – The majority of Belgians (69,5%) favor their shared parenting law

Translated from French by Pieter Tromp, Source: Belgium – Le Soir

According to a poll conducted for the Francophone Belgian family and parenting magazine Filiatio, seven out of ten Belgians are in favor of equal accommodation or bilocation of the child between the homes of divorced parents. This type of care is far preferred above sole care arrangements for the children with one of the parents, combined with a “fortnightly weekend of access with the other parent ” (15.2%) or the “5/9″ – parenting arrangement with the children staying five days with one of the parents, and nine days with the other parent ( 5.2%).

16 arguments in support of shared parenting

Edward Kruk PhD in Co-Parenting after Divorce

http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/co-parenting-after-divorce/201204/sixteen-arguments-in-support-shared-parenting  What the Latest Research is saying about the Best Interests of Children  I have long maintained that a more child-focused approach to resolving parenting disputes after separation and divorce is needed to reduce harm to children and ensure their well-being. Usually, when parents cannot agree on parenting matters, they take their case to a […]

Annotated Bibliography – Joint custody is best for children

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Shared residence is best for children
We have found 34 citations to published research showing that joint residence is better for children than any other kind of post-divorce residence and more…